Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still standing with Christ by my side.

I am really anticipating my last Fall Retreat with the youth group. I'm really curious to what oppurtunities God may have for me this time, but this weekend away will be a weekend with just me and Him, even though many other will be going. As far as the oppurtunities go.......I'll just have to wait and see, will I have a chance to share about how far God has gotten me in this life with friends, or build onto my relationship with the friends that are going, or even make new friends. On;y God know what is gonna happen, but like I said be fore......I firt and foremost want to spend as much time with God on that weekend away than anything else! I'm so stoked about it; next weekend! May I glorify amd please God in whatever I say and do while on the Fall Rereat!

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