Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Songwriting (A Gift And Passion From God)

Last March I wrote my first song called "Ballad of Grace", which is about God's amazing free gift of grace that he poured out on us. The first verse talks about the condition we were all in when God found us; basically we were nothing in God's eyes. Then the second verse talks about that now we're in God's grace we have a undying hope that we will be with our loving and gracious heavenly Father, and also that we are called to share God's grace to those who don't have it. There's the course which is simple, and that is pretty much saying that He poured His grace on us, and has given us much more than we deserve. Cause to think about it we really don't deserve His amazing grace, but his love is far greater than we can fathom, and because of that great love, God gives us much more than we deserve. Finally we have the bridge which talks about how we as Christians want to be no where else but in God's grace, cause that's what has set us free from our bondage of sin. I personally think it's a good song, cause it's covers the story of our disease (sin) and God's remedy for that sin (grace).
From March to the end of "08 I've written 17 songs, but I give all thanks and credit to God for giving me the words for each and every one of those 17 songs. Without God's I wouldn't have written all those songs; so yes I give Him al the credit! When I share these songs with others, I don't want others to see how talented and cool I am (which I am certainly not), but I want them to see Jesus in them. Here are the songs in order:

1) Ballad of Grace--a song about God's amazing grace

2) Fake Smiles--a song to encourage fellow christians not hide the pain and darkness that they deal with, but to let it out.

3) My Adonai--a praise song

4) Reach Out--a song to encourage fellow christians to reach and share Christ with the lost and unsaved

5) Burn Away--a song that can be a prayer; it's about asking God to give us a consuming passion in our hearts for Him

6) You Captivate My Heart--a song about how God can use anything from a simple good deed to a gorgeous sunset to captivate our hearts; it can also be a praise song

7) Four Dollars Per Gallon--a song about high gas prices.....don't ask

8) You're The Reason--a song that is a reminder that Jesus is the reason we live our lives, can also be viewed as a praise song

9) Upon The Blood-Stained Cross--a song about who Jesus was and what He came here on this earth to do

10) Here We Stand--a song about how we as Christians won't be itimidated by anything Satan or this world throws at us, that we are willing to stand strong for our God

11) I Run Back--a song that is a basically about the prodigal son

12) Ballad Of Love-- a song about love and what it really is

13) Boundless Stars--a song dedicated to the boundless stars in the night sky, and how they display God's beauty

14) Stay Alive--a song that is based on a personal experience I have endured with God's help, it's about staying alive in your faith in Christ admist doubts and lies that Satan tosses into your mind.

15) Beyond Amazing-- a song about how Jesus is beyond amazing, beyong what we can fathom, also is a praise song

16) Can You--a simple praise song

17) In The Footsteps--a song to encourage other others to keep striving to be imitators of Christ

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