Friday, April 24, 2009

A Purpose That Is Crucial And Key!

I was driving to work the other day, when I came up with line, that hits home and summarizes my purpose/reason for writing. This is what I came up with : "To encourage + challenge others Christians to boldy & passionately pursue and embrace the life that Jesus set before us to live" Yes, I believe it's a very key and crucial purpose, and that it's a good in-depth purpose for writing this book.
I have a hunch that Jesus says somewhere in the Bible that following Him isn't going to make your life more easygoing and laid back to live. No you're going to get your hands dirty and do things that are uncomfortable to you, and the world will hate you. Well He might not have said it in those words, but I'm for sure that it's in the Bible somewhere.
Once I came to that conclusion when I decided to write this book, I was hit something that echoed from a point that Francis Chan the author of Crazy Love gave. It is this : that most Christians nowadays play it safe, meaning they don't speak boldly about their faith, put others before themselves, and do other radical things for Christ sake. Basically....they go through the motions, you know go to church on Sunday mornings, be involved in a Bible study on Wednesday, then just live however they do. Well....I don't know if that really clarifies what I mean, but I would think it should. I've been challenged and encouraged to live passionately, boldly, and radically for the life that He's called all His disciples to live! He's worthy, and we're not!

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