Sunday, May 3, 2009

Love? Yes......Love!

Today I was reminded about what love truly is.....and what is not.

Love is going out on a limb
Love involves suffering
Love is laying down your life
Love is doing the unthinkable
Love is doing the uncomfortable
Love has no limits
Love is beyond human comprehension
Love goes the extra mile
Love is not of this world
Love gives hope to the hopeless
Love gives strength to the weak
Love gives sight to the blind
Love fills the void in our hearts
Love leaves us speechless
Love captivates our hearts
Love is all we need to live
Love is being different
Love is a sacrifice
Love is what we don't deserve
Love came down to put a dandy smile on our faces
Love came down to save us
Love came down to be our remedy
Love gives us life
All in all......God is Love.

There's nothing more, there's never less, it's only Love, and we are blessed

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