Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Desire Him!!!!!!

Lately I have had this hunger, desire, this.....longing for God. To hear his voice, see his face, to be near His presence, and dig into His Word and devour it! No such feeling is better!
This song from Remedy Drive comes to mind (boy do I love my music): Get To Know You.

I heard so much of You I wrote a book
Thick with facts of You that I heard were true
The critic read my work and they reviewed
"He wrote of things he heard but never really knew."

I say its time that I get to know You
More than just what I've been told
I say its time that I get to know You
I wanna know from my soul

This is just the first verse and chorus. Yet from what you can see, it's easy to understand what the writer is trying to say. I feel the same way right now! I want to know God more than what I've been told, I wanna know Him from my soul!
Here's the phenomenal thing to ponder. The finite mind of man cannot grasp how GREAT and PHENOMENAL infinite nature and character of God! Even when we get to heaven we still won't be able to grasp it! Yet God being rich in His love and compassion, gives us just teeny bit of crumbs of Himself to us,. And when we receive these crumbs, and devour them, it satisfies us in a way that we have never been satisfied before! Yet we haven't even come anywhere near close of scratching the surface of Him. How insane is that?

I want You, Father
I need You, Father
My heart long for You, Father
All of You Father
Only You Father

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