Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Desire Him!!! cont. (To Know Him Is Life Everlasting)

I wrote this a couple weeks ago which shows how much I desire to know God more.

I have been, and still am to this very moment, unsatisfied with Satisfaction.
Who is this Satisfaction?
He is the God of the Universe.
The One who knows all, sees all, hears all, comprehends all, is control of all things, and holds everything big, small, and inbetween together.
I even heard it once said that, "He saved me from Himself, for Himself, and by Himself".
And it's because of this that have been able to enter into a relationship with Him.
Although I am with Him, and He with me, and though I hear about Him, doesn't mean I fully know Him.
So I say it's time that get to know Him, the one True God, more than what I've been told.
Yes, I long to know from the depths of my soul.
To know Him in every way humanly possible.
I thirst for Him as if I was a well that has been entirely dry for ages.
I long to chase after His heart. Love what He loves. Hate what He hates.
For there is no other I desire, nor long for.
He satisfies me; making me overflow way beyond the brim, yet I still can't get enough of Him.
Less of me, and more of Him.
For to know Him is life everlasting.