Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All Consuming Passion

This past Friday night of fishing for men was a fruitful one. God blessed us with some good conversations. Regardless of the fact that there were only 3 of us. Our first conversation was with three B-boys (breakdancers). They showed us some of theirs moves, and gave us a break down on dancing.....break dancing that is. So we said that dancing is their passion, pretty much, and they pretty much assured us that it is. We then proceeded to share the Gospel with them, and they listened intently for the most part. We pretty much shared with them our passion; which is Christ, the Gospel. It was a fun and good conversation at the same time!
Yet it got me thinking about something. As a Child of God I can boldly say that He is my passion. Christ & the Gospel are my passion. It's hard to go a day without thinking about Him; and I don't ever want to. I thank God for saving me, and in response to His phenomenal act of saving grace I try hard every day to live, fight, and die for and with this Passion.
He has given me some gifts too, gifts that I don't deserve, gifts I can use to share my All consuming passion, and glorify & honor my Father who saved me from Himself, for Himself, and by Himself.
I could easily say that these gifts; like writing & music for example are God given passion, but no. Now I consider these gifts that I can use to glorify God, and share His glorious mesage of redemption to the lost. So it is now my prayer that God will give me wisdom on how to use these gifts that's He's given me to do just that; to use them for my all consuming passion, which is Christ, and Him crucified!