Saturday, October 30, 2010

To Magnify & Exalt Christ

It's day 4 after surgery, and I seem to be making unexpected progress in recovering. The pain has diminished, but still can blindside me on rare occasions. Then the discomfort is still there, but it's presence isn't as strong as it was from the beginning. I'm still unable to talk, or least I still shouldn't talk. So ny vocalizing has been at a minimum. All in all I'm feeling not too bad right now. Day by day I get better. God is good,and continues to display His steadfast love and faithfulness (Psalm 86:15)
So I am without a doubt eager to get talking so I can know how much my voice has changed. I still ask the question:Will it be loud and clear? The day is drawing near when I will no for sure. Just thinking about rounding up a band, if my vocal are astounding, to tour the world a share the gospel is very convincing. Yet I know that that is not what God has for me. He's calling me out to the mission field to share the gospel with the unreached. So let me get to the point here. Regardless of how it all conclude, you know with my voice and all, I want to display the lovely and glorious name of Christ. May the Christ be magnified and exalted in all His glory through it all!

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