Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To Be Consumed With Christ!

I long to be consumed with Christ!
I long to see His face
And to hear His voice
To daily deny myself
And submit myself to His rule
To everday decrease
So that He may increase
To faithful and obedient
To His commands
To make Him known
To those who've never heard
And to exalt Him
Displaying Him in all beauty, glory, and radiance
So that those who reject and rebel against Him
May repent and believe in Him
And no longer live for themselves
But for Him
Who for their sake died and was raised
I long to chase after Him
To go hard after Him
To please Him
And do all things for His glory
To savor and treasure Him
Above all else
To have Him at the center
Of every choice and decision
To have His glory and fame
Be the source of all my intentions and motives
To have Him fill every nook and cranny of my life
So that all may see
Who my life is about
And Who I live is for
Jesus...........enough said!

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