Wednesday, August 17, 2011

May I Not Forget the Cross

Dear Father
May I not forget
What happened at Calvary
May I never lose sight
Of what took place
At the Cross
When Jesus
The spotless Lamb
The innocent One
The Son of the Most High
Took my place
Hanging there as my substitute
Bearing my sins
Recieving the punishment
That I justly deserve
Asorbing the wrath
That was reserved for me
Crushed and slain
The innocent for the guilty
The just for the unjust
The righteous for the unrighteous
So that I can be forgiven
And set free
From the bondage of sin
So that I can be redeemed
And reconciled to You
So that You can be recieve the glory
So that I can behold Your beauty
And enjoy You forever
So yes may I never forget
The Cross
May I be reminded of it daily
May I preach it to myself daily
May I be humbled by it
Ever so thankful
May it be my only boast
May it be my heart's song
May it be what compels me
To keep pressing on
Consuming my heart & mind
May it captivate & mesmerize me
Drawing me nearer to You
Causing me to savor & treasure You
Above all things
Causing me to fall deeper
In love with You, my God

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