Thursday, May 10, 2012

All I Need is Jesus

Take me to a place
That is new
And unfamiliar to me
That is fine
Because all I have
Is Christ
Take away my
My sight
My hearing
Or even the ability
To use
My arms and legs
That will be alright
Because all I have
Is Jesus
When darkness surrounds me
And my enemies
Have me against the wall
With no allies
Or friends beside me
That will be okay
Because all I have is Christ
If my family
And dear friends
Were to ever be taken
From me
And I left
As it may seem
All alone
I will have no worries
Because all I have
Is Jesus
Go ahead
Take anything
And everything from me
I will not
Lose heart
Or wallow in despair
For all I know
And all I have
Is Christ Jesus
My Savior & Lord
He's all I need
He's more than enough
He is sufficient
All satisfying
My treasure I've found
Hidden in the field
My reward
For fighting
The good fight
My prize
For finishing the race
All I have is Christ
All I need is Jesus

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