Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Does the Gospel Do?

What does the Gospel do?

The Gospel
Makes the blind see
The deaf hear
And cleanses the leper
Heals the wounded
Raises the dead to life
And sets the captive free

The Gospel
Redeems and saves
Pardons and forgives
Delivers and liberates
Reconciles and restores
Justifies the ungodly
Makes the enemy a friend

The Gospel
Renews and recreates
Giving new hearts
With new desires
Giving new motives
Also aims and goals

The Gospel
Changes everthing
Turning things
Upsidedown and insideout
Transforming lives
Hearts and minds
Communities and relationships

The Gospel
Humbles us
As children
God's children
And exalts
Our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ

The Gospel
Does all these things
And much more
All to the
Praise, glory, and honor
Of our GREAT God

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