Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Say Whaaaat!?

We all hear things that friends and family say to us or just say in general that we don't expect them to say. I like to call them, "Say Whaaaat?!" quotes. Just thought I'd share with ya quotes from friends and family. Things  said that made me do double takes, left me rolling on the floor cracking up, or just left shocked and speechless. Enjoy.

1) "Josh, next time eat more calm and civilized." - Joseph (8 yr old bro)- while having lunch at Arby's after church

2) "Wait. Are you adopted?!"- Michelle (a best friend)

3) "Aren't you adopted Josh?"- Jess (a friend)

4) "Hey Joe! Hey Joe!"- Jasmine (5 yrs old sis)
    "What Jazz?"- Joseph- Joseph

    "You know that you're a sinner, but Jesus died for you."- Jasmine

5) "You know Austin. I just feel like that Lord is calling me to wait until I get married to move down to Louisville." -Me (I said this jokingly).

 "Then you'll never move down to Louisville then!" - Austin R. ( a best friend)

6) "Josh? Do you ever get blacker in the summer?"- Lauren H. (a friend)

7) "So Josh, are you going to Somalia soon?"- Josiah K. (a friend)

8) "Man Josh. Your voice sounds like deep rich chocolate!"- Josiah k (after hearing my voice for the 1st time after vocal chord surgery)

9) "Josh! Your black!?"- Matt H.(a friend) (after realizing, after the longest time of knowing me, that I'm half black)

10) "Hey brother! Oh wait. You're not my brother!" Joel M. (a best friend) -after I answered his brother's phone.

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