Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reaching the Unreached -- Somali

 For those who don't know I aim to be a missionary to the unreached; first and foremost to the Somali people. Yes that means the people of Somalia (duh right?). Why the Somali people? Well that for another blogpost; or you can hit me up and ask me why :)
 With courtesy of, here's a list of countires where Somali people can be found.

Somalia- 7,991,000

Djibouti- 358,000 (Somali, Issa)

Eritrea- 4,900

Ethiopia- 5,504,000

Kenya- 2,443,000 (Somali)
          - 186,000 (Somali, Ajuran)

United Kingdom- 94,000

Yemen- 1,014,000

Italy- 54,000

Canada- 37,000

United States- 79,000

 So with the field being ripe for harvest, pray to the Lord of the harvest to raise up laborers to go labor with the Gospel to the Somalis. Pray as well that the Lord would open the door and led me to where He want me to go to reach the Somalis! Thank you!

~Joshua A. Taylor

Friday, October 19, 2012

Chi-Town Preach!

Well, this may be early to share, but I'd like to share anyways.

 Earlier this year for springbreak, me and 2 dear friends of mine went down to Florida (Pensacola and Panama City Beach) to go around on the beach (and other places as well) sharing the Gospel with a plethora of college students, who were of course down there to party it up. Beach Preach is what we called it. To sum up how it went- God did work in us and through us! He blessed us with great fellowship with one another, and oh so many awesome gospel conversations. It was, hands down, one of the best weeks of my life for sure!
 My friends, Austin and Andrew, and I knew that we wanted to repeat the trip for springbreak next year, but sadly it won't happen, since Andrew being a RA this year at Purdue won't be available for half of the week. Booo. Nonetheless me and Austin have come up with a different route, a different idea that has me just as excited!
 Chicago Preach! Yes! Me, Austin, and some other possibly will spend about 4 days or so during spring break next year in Chicago, hitting the streets preaching the Gospel! The rest of the week we plan on camping. I love this, and am even stoked just thinking about it!

 So why do I share this with ya'll? Well a couple reasons:

Join us.

 We'll if you're on spring break that week, or will be free that week, and would love to join us in invading downtown Chi-town with the Gospel, then let me know. Hit me up on facebook, twitter, or email and I'll be in touch with details as the dates of the trip get closer.


 About.....2 months or so before we left for Beach Preach we shared with tons of people about it, and asked them to partner with us in prayer, and I know the Lord answered those prayers! So I don't think it's to early to ask to start praying for this trip! We expecting the Lord to bless this trip; every nook and cranny of it. So yes, if you don't mind, please begin to pray today. How can you be praying? Here's how:

- Pray that the Lord would bless us with great fellowship throughout the whole trip, drawing and knitting our hearts together in love.\

- Pray that the Lord would bless and anoint the preaching

- Pray that we would have our confidence in the power of the Gospel, and the working of the Spirit

- Pray that the Lord would work, even now, on the hearts of those He will lead us to share with. That their hearts would be open by the power of Spirit to receive and obey the Gospel, like He did in Lydia's heart (Acts 16:14).

- And pray that the Lord would draw us closer to Himself, causing us to grow in the fear & knowledge of Him, and our affections for Him!

 Thanks brothers and sisters! Keep fighting the good fight, and seeking first the kingdom!
 ~Joshua Aaron Taylor