Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Beauty & Glory

Oh Father
Lord of all glory
I come before You
Asking You to
Increase my desire
For more of You
That me hunger & thirst
For You will intensify
To seek after You
Relentlessly & agressively
And behold Your
Beauty & Glory
Open my eyes wid7er
As I open Your Word
To see and behold
Beautiful, majestic, and glorious things
Give me grander vision
Of You
Your greatness, majesty, glory, and holiness
That I may be humbled and in awe
Of You my God
Yes, reaveal more
Of  Yourself to me
So that my love & affections
For You would increase
More & more
Also that I would long to know You
More deeply & intamately
Counting all things as filth
Compared to the surpassing worth
Of knowing You
And that the things of this world
Would fade away
In the light
Of the beauty & glory
of You face, my God!