Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do Not Fear, Take Heart!

A little something I wrote today. This I hope will encourage you, my brother or sister in the Lord, to stand firm in the faith and be salt and light in a dark world. Remembering that we are sojourners, citizens of God's kingdom. Also that victory, in the end, is certain and promised!

Brothers & sisters
Why worry
And why freak out?
Why dread
And be concerned?
Who would dare
Come against us
If God is for us?
When the storms
Of trouble come
We will take refuge
In our God
For He is
Our hiding place
When terror & danger
Surround us
We find safety
In Him alone
When overwhelmed
By the fear of uncertainty
Let us remember
That we are His people
And He is our God
He is our Shepherd
And we are the sheep
Of His pasture
So do not fear
Take heart
Cherish the Gospel
Remembering whose hands
Our names are engraved on!

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