Monday, November 18, 2013

A Mystery Of Dandyness

Oh the mystery
Of all mysteries
That leaves me speechless
Leaves me baffled
That Jesus
The Son of God
Creator & sustainer
Of all things seen and unseen
The One is from everlasting to everlasting
Compelled by love
Would leave His
Throne & glory
Come down in our likeness
In frail & finite
Human flesh
As a babe
Born of a virgin
Living life as we do
Experiencing pain & sickness
Suffering & temptation
Yet was sinless & spotless
Lived without flaw or imperfection
Innocent & pure was He
But He was betrayed
Into the hands of sinners
Was despised & rejected
By His own creation
Falsely accused
And wrongly judged
Whipped, scourged, & mocked
More than that
He was hung on a Tree
Experiencing a criminal's execution
In deeper reality
He traded places with me
He clothes Himself
In my rags of sin
So that I may be
Clothed in His riches of righteousness
He took my deserved
Punishment & hell
So that I can receive
His forgiveness & heaven
Dying my death
So that I may have life everlasting
He stood condemned
In my place
Becoming a curse for me
So that I may be
Set free
Acepted in Him
To enjoy
The riches & blessings
Of His work for me
At Calvary
So now I sing
To the Lamb
Who was slain in my stead
To the One
Who suffered, died, & rose
For my justification