Friday, January 24, 2014

Give Me Jesus

Oh to hunger, thirst, and chase after Christ....

In the morning
When the sun is rising
As I awake & arise
From my slumber
Give me Jesus
As I go on about my day
To work, rest, & play
Give me Jesus
When the sun is setting
The day coming to an end
As I lay down to sleep
Give me Jesus
When the toys & riches
Of this world
Began to distract & dazzle me
Give me Jesus
When sin & the flesh
Call my name
Try lure & entice
Give me Jesus
On my worst days
Of defeat & failure
Give me Jesus
On my best days
Of victory & obedience
Give me Jesus
When graced with good gifts
From above
A family, job, house, good health
And everything inbetween
Give me Jesus
When all is taken & stripped from me
Left alone & abandoned
In the dark
When I'm weak & worn
Tired & sore
Give me Jesus
In my final days
As I breathe my last
Leaving this world
To enter that Eternal rest
Give me Jesus
And when in glory
As I'll walk on streets of gold
Free forever
From sin, sorrow, & suffering
Give me Jesus

Yes, give me Jesus
My Savior & Lord
My Shepherd & the Overseer of my soul
Give me Jesus
My sweetest satisfaction
My soul's one delight
My chief joy
Give me Jesus
My great Comfort & Healer
Give me Jesus
My one defense & righteousness
My redemption & rescue
Give me Jesus
My portion & cup
Reward & prize
Give me Jesus
All of Jesus
Only Jesus

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