Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Owned By Christ

Been thinking much about, and have been encouraged by this truth lately....

I'm not my own
And belong to no one else
But to Christ Jesus
And Him alone
Purchased & ransomed
By His blood
A stray sheep
That He sought & brought
Back into the fold God
My name is engraved
On His nail-scarred hands
And inscribed
On His heart
My life is hidden
In Him
Therefore I'm safe & secure
From accusation & alarm
Who I am
I wrapped up
In the Savior
And when the storms come
On the Him, the Solid Rock
I won't falter or waver
I'm indeed His
Prized possession
For by His death &resurrection
He has made me
His own
So now I can
Live & die confidently
For I'm in Christ
And it's to Him
I'm belong

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