Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fishing For Men 5/28-30 (Indy 500 Weekend)

This past weekend, Indy 500 weekend, has proved to be a fruitful yet tiring weekend of witnessing. Talk about being lights in the darkness; 5 of us went out Friday night, and we saw Satan at work there. Despite that, we all had a great night. I went with Joel and we had a good handful of conversations. I can't remember all the conversations we had, but here are those that I do.

Our first conversation was with two ladies and a guy. We started the conversation with the 5 dollar challenge (which is what we normally do), but they weren't able to pass the challenge, so we gave them the good person test (basically going through the Ten commandments). Of course they failed the test. Pretty much from there we went ahead to share the gospel. One of the 2 ladies and the guy pretty much lost interest, but the other lady (who's name was Amanda) was really interested & intent in listening. I love it when we have people like Amanda who is interested and receptive in hearing about the gospel. I'm reminded about how it wasn't anything that me or Joel said or did to catch her attention, but it was all God working in her heart. Please pray for Amanda, that God will convict her heart concerning sin, righteousness, and judgement. That she will she her need for the Savior and cry out to God to save her. Pray that God will save her. Also pray that God will save her 2 friends; the other 2 we talked to as well, but ended up walking away.

Another conversation we had was with 5 young African Americans who were obviously in the area for one reason, the ladies. We did have a several distractions the conversation, but we were able to go through the law, and the gospel. One of the guys said that he does go to church every so often, but of course we knew that wouldn't mean he is born again. Overall it was a good conversation. Pray for the young guys, that God will work a miracle in the hearts and lives, and save them.

One conversation we had was with 2 young guys (Nick and Ivan...I think) and a young lady (Jadie) on a small bridge. We started out with the 5 dollar challenge, in which Jadie was determined to win haha. They got close, but missed two of the commandments. From there we took them through several of the commandments, and went through the gospel. This was another great conversation that we were able to by the grace of God.

Saturday we were scattered throughout the route of the Indy 500 parade to pass out tracts. Despite having problems of parking before and getting to my car afterwards, I had a good time passing out tracts along with my brother in Christ Ryan. We passed out probably a good 300-400 tracts to those sitting waiting for the parade to pass through. We then ran into another brother, Rusty, who was having a conversation with an evangelical pastor who didn't agree with the law in evangelism. It was good to be able to pass out tracts to those at the parade.

Then Sunday morning, Me , Mike, and Joel went parked about 30-45 minutes from the Southeast gate, made the 30 minute trek to our destination to pass out tracts to those going to the race. We stood out in the piping-hot sun for a good 4 hours passing out tracts, and were able to get out a good box and a half out. The things we do for the sake of Christ and the gospel =)

Overall it was a great weekend of evangelism. Our prayer is that God will convict hearts concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment, change live, and save souls! We know that we did not labor in vain. We were faithful & obedient to the call of reaching a lost and dying world with the gospel of Christ. We trust God with the rest. Pray that God will save those of who we spoke to, and handed out tracts to. Hosanna! Save o Lord!