Monday, September 12, 2011

This has become a desire of mine as of late. And a prayer.

Dear Father
May the songs I sing
And listen to
The books I read
And the things I write
Even the sermons I listen to
The conversations I have
And the time I spend
With family & friends
Every event I particpate in
From weddings to funerals
From meetings to parties
And every sort of gathering
With the body of Christ
Every sunrise and sunset
Every starry night sky
All the times of laughter, joy, & excitement
All the times of pain, tears, & suffering
All the highs
All the lows
Every breath-taking & awe-inspiring moment
And everything else
Big, small, & inbetween
Cause me to fall deeper in love with You
Use these things
Use whatever You will
To draw me closer to You
So that I may adore You
More & more
In the light of Your
Beauty, majesty, splendor, radiance, & glory