Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Need to Worry, No Need to Freak Out

I don't need to worry
I don't need to freak out
I just need to let go
And let You take control
For You are the good Shepherd
Leading me by still waters
And where You lead me
I will go

This is a chorus of a song that I have yet to finish. The scriptures that relates to this Psalm 24 & Isaiah 6:8. I was recently thinking about this....about how we at times try to play the role as the shepherd in our lives, because we want things to work out how we want them to....which to be honest is an absurd thing to do. If we try to be play the role as the shepherd in our lives then we'll more than likely end up where we shouldn't be ......or more so in a horrible or miserable situation. Overall the result of being our own shepherd will get us killed. Sheep are stupid animals....from what I heard. They're so dumb that they can put themselves is dangerous situations, so that's why they need a shepherd to guide and protect them. So we as God's children need the Lord (the Good Shepherd) to guide and protect us in life. We don't need to worry or freak out about what's next in our lives, cause when we do that then we usually find that we are trying to play the role as the shepherd. Yet if we let go of the role as the shepherd, and let God step into that role, and we take the role as the sheep then there would be no need to worry or freak out. Yes....we can trust that God will guide and protect us through our lives.
Also we must also seeking out God's will for our lives, to be willing to go wherever he sends us , just as Isaiah was willing. Ready to pursue and embrace the plans the he has for us....plans that are far greater than we can fathom!!

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