Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reaching the Unreached -- Somali

 For those who don't know I aim to be a missionary to the unreached; first and foremost to the Somali people. Yes that means the people of Somalia (duh right?). Why the Somali people? Well that for another blogpost; or you can hit me up and ask me why :)
 With courtesy of, here's a list of countires where Somali people can be found.

Somalia- 7,991,000

Djibouti- 358,000 (Somali, Issa)

Eritrea- 4,900

Ethiopia- 5,504,000

Kenya- 2,443,000 (Somali)
          - 186,000 (Somali, Ajuran)

United Kingdom- 94,000

Yemen- 1,014,000

Italy- 54,000

Canada- 37,000

United States- 79,000

 So with the field being ripe for harvest, pray to the Lord of the harvest to raise up laborers to go labor with the Gospel to the Somalis. Pray as well that the Lord would open the door and led me to where He want me to go to reach the Somalis! Thank you!

~Joshua A. Taylor

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