Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our Death & Their Life

Left in darkness
Blindly running
Toward an horrific end
Carelessly rebelling
Against the Lord Most High
With only wrath
Awaiting them
They are utterly hopeless & helpless
Left on the outside
Distant & far off
Who are they?
They are
The Unreached
Those who've never heard
And have not seen
Of Christ
The One who is
The Way, Truth, & Life

Yet here we are
We are the people of the Cross
Children of the Living God
Citizens of a kingdom
That has come
And is coming
And Jesus Christ
Our King & Lord
Has commissioned us
To go make disciples
Of all nations
To be His witnesses
To the ends of the earth
Preaching His Gospel
Proclaiming His Name
And redemptive
Rule & Reign
To all peoples
To those who worship idols
Instead of the One True God

So brothers & sisters
Let us not get comfortable
Becoming lazy & complacent
Being self-focused
And oblivious
To the world around us
Deny ourselves
Take up our crosses
Dying to all
Comforts & luxuries
All that's familiar
Dying to our
Ambitions, goals, & dreams
And go with boldness
Fearing nothing but our God
Being empowered
By the Spirit of Christ
Clinging to His promises
Proclaiming this Good News
So that the unreached
May become reached
With the willingness
To suffer & die
So that they can have life
And have it more abundantly!

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