Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Gospel Brings Humility & Joy

What should ultimately create humility and joy within me?

God, my God
You are the Creator
Of the universe
You are GREAT
Holy,Holy, Holy are You
Heaven & Earth
Are consumed with
Your Glory

I'm merely human
finite,weak, and frail
A wretch
And sinner am I
A trangressor
Of Your law
Therefore deserving
Of Your wrath

But You sent Your beloved Son
Jesus Christ
The Lamb without spot or blemish
To suffer and hang on the Cross
Bearing all my sins
And took the wrath in my place
Dying in my stead
Yet rose again the 3rd day

May this, the Gospel, bring me to my knees broken in humilty. May it consume my heart will with an aggresive and inexpressible joy!

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