Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm Not, He Is

Wednesday night...the Lord dealt with me. He caused me to take a step back and take a look at myself. To search my heart diligently to see if there be any offensive way in me. Oh, my am I thankful that He revealed and exposed sin that I've been blind to. Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus that these sins (complacency, selfishness, lack of discipline, and lack of humility) are not held to my account. Yes, my debt has been paid in full at Calvary! So, if I may, with the Lord that night led to this.....

Don't look at me
Nor speak
Highly of me
I am not
To be esteemed
Nor my name
Made known to others
I'm deserve to be heard
Nor worthy of your time
I'm not some one
Who is great
I'm not significant
Nor important
I'm not worthy
Of attention
Or of praise
But I do know
Of One who is
Who is worthy
Of glory and honor
To be exalted
And made much of
"The Lord Most High"
Is His name
King of glory
And Lord of creation
Is He
There are no rivals
Nor any that compare
To Him
So again I say
I'm not worthy
And I'm not great
Yet my Lord and God
He is

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