Monday, May 25, 2009

Moving On Day By Day (Justin & Janet Taylor)

Yesterday me and my family got back down from southern Indiana. We had such a great time; it was amazing! We were down there for my oldest brothers wedding. Me and my other 2 brothers took a bus down to Louisville late Wednesday night and met up with our older brother, Justin. The next day was his bachelor's party which consisted of "Quills" coffee, a run to Goodwill, a few insane 4 on 4 games of paintball, amazingly good "Wick's Pizza", and Terminator Salvation.
Friday was the rehearsal, which went by quick, then afterwards was the rehearsal dinner at the bride's parent's place. Good food, good times. Saturday the day of the wedding, and really tiring and stressful day for many, but also really fun and exciting. Yes, it was am amazing weekend!
So as I sat there in the first row, my gaze on the young couple that were getting ready to be wedded, this came across my mind. Yesterday Jutin was 8 years old playing cops and robbers with me, Jordan and CJ, and now, he's 21 and getting married. Gosh it's amazing to see that he's has grown so strong and fast. It's amazing to see that he's grown up into and godly young man, and now....a husband. God has done a lot in Justin's life to get him where He wants him to be. Through the good and bad, highs and lows, sun and rain, joy and pain; Justin is where God wants him to be, and I clearly see that he's content with that. I'm glad to see that he is. Then there's Janet, what a beautiful young woman. I have to be honest to say that I don't know where she's at in here faith in Christ, or more so how strong she is in her faith, but I got a hint that she is strong in her faith, and that's good to know. I couldn't think of anyone better to be my sister-in-law.
I pray now that God will bless Justin and Janet, and their marriage, and that they will spur one another on towards Christ! May others see Christ in their marriage, and their individual lives. There's nothing more, there's never less, it's only Christ, and they are blessed.
Justin & Janet Taylor.....if you read this I want you 2 to know that I love you both, but you both know that God loves you more. Thanks!

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