Monday, May 9, 2011

Jesus Is My Everything

Before I was in Christ, I lived for myself, and myself only. I was King, and Lord. I was in the driver's seat, I was calling the shots, and I was running the show. I found temporary joy and satisfaction in my sin, and passions of the flesh. I was decieved that my own good works would get me into heaven. I believed that I was free, living in my sin, but blind to reality that I was enslaved to it. I was blind to the fact that living in my sin, would lead my to hell. I was just soaking it all in. My life was about me.

Yet, Jesus' death on the cross, and resurrection 3 days later radically change all that! My life is no longer my own, it belongs to Christ. I live for Him, because of Him.

Now Jesus is:

my joy
my peace
my contentment
my hope
my delight
my strength
my light
my wisdom
my song
my rock
my refuge
my rescue
my sustainer
my comfort
my freedom
my healer
my redeemer
my salvation
my assurance
my righteousness
my restorer
my mediator
my substitute
my salvation
my provider
my passion
my sanctification
my redemption
my boast
my one love
my reward
my treasure
my Savior & Lord
my life
my all in all

Oh, Hallelujah! All I have is Jesus
Hallelujah! All I need is Jesus
Hallelujah! All I want is Jesus!

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Tracey said...

Josh. Im so happy for the faith you hold. Makes me think and smile. Keep posting I will keep reading. Thank You buddy!